Artist Statement

Landscapes: The landscape series came about shortly after my move from Brooklyn back to Minnesota.  After the first snowfall of the year I was struck by the shadows cast upon the snow by the trees. The series developed into a means for me to reconnect with the neighborhood where I grew up.

The bridges interest me as subject matter because I see them as symbolic of our relationship with the St Croix. Some of the bridges are industrial and old, and set against a beautiful backdrop. The structures are useful, functional, practical, needed to move the population. The new Stillwater bridge, for example, was needed to lighten congestion in downtown, but will only lead to more urban sprawl. There is an irony in these structures, celebrated as icons, only to ultimately lead to population growth that threatens the beauty of the landscape.

Aesthetically, paintings are also an exploration into flatness vs depth, pattern, and rhythm.

Maps: The abstract paintings are based on maps, usually maps of neighborhoods of where I have lived or worked. Most of the map paintings are based on street maps, with a chunk of them devoted to airport maps.

Maps interest me because they are a representation of reality, and we take for granted that they are an accurate representation. We faithfully assume, for the most part, what we are looking at is accurate. Can we be sure of this? Secondly, maps are an abstraction, reducing the world to lines and shapes and using a range of formal means to do so: line, color, scale, shape, size, etc. What fascinates me, specifically as a painter, is the symbolic arrangement of these formal elements and how they translate as formal elements from a map to an abstract painting.


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